Meta-Thriving Podcast

Episode 2: Dealing with Anxiety and Scanxiety

March 23, 2021 Jaimee Roncone Season 1 Episode 2
Meta-Thriving Podcast
Episode 2: Dealing with Anxiety and Scanxiety
Show Notes

In this episode of Meta-Thriving Podcast, Jaimee, your host, dives into how to manage and deal with anxiety and scanxiety on your metastatic breast cancer journey.
She will share ways to care for yourself before, during and after scans or treatments.

*This episode includes a raw/unedited segment after the initial episode to convey a vulnerable share when your scans aren't what you hoped for.

This episode includes:

  • How yoga nidra has helped me during scans 
  • Prepping before a scan and getting your pregame on 
  • Playing the name-it game
  • A tip on how to schedule your appointments
  • Working with your schedule and making time for you
  • Talking about the 'what-ifs' and why it is important to call them out without answering
  • Tips for during your scans
  • A funny, cautionary tale on what not to forget during your scan
  • How to utilize the 61-point of rotation (an aspect of yoga nidra) and how it had a wow effect on my radiation oncology team
  • Post Scan Care

Bonus Raw Footage begins after the outro at 25:00  minutes
I share with you how I am feeling and dealing, on my walk, post petscan results

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