Meta-Thriving Podcast

Episode 4: Hope, Faith and Believing

April 06, 2021 Jaimee Roncone Season 1 Episode 4
Meta-Thriving Podcast
Episode 4: Hope, Faith and Believing
Show Notes

In this episode Jaimee shares her thoughts on Hope, Faith and Believing.  She shares how she uses an intention to help shift her mindset to continue believing.
And is there such a thing as false hope?
Jaimee shares two excerpts from two of her favorite poets, John O'Donohue and Mark Nepo: two poets she reaches for daily as inspiration.

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As always, please rate, share and review this episode.Today I dive into my thoughts on hope, faith, believing and how we use an intention to change our mindset on a daily basis.
I share with you a two excerpts from two of my favorite poets that inspire me daily.

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