Meta-Thriving Podcast

Episose 6: Normal and New Normal

May 05, 2021 Jaimee Roncone Season 1 Episode 6
Meta-Thriving Podcast
Episose 6: Normal and New Normal
Show Notes

In this episode, Jaimee shares her views and contemplation of 'normal' and 'new normal' concepts and how she chooses to strive to live beyond normal.
She shares a few examples of how it applies not only to daily lives but also and the word 'normal' appears when reading results of bloodwork.
The concepts presented here are for expansion of mindset work and is by no means meant to discount the importance of looking at results, nor is it meant to direct in any way choices for treatment.

To note: this episode was done in parts and different locations and therefore you may notice changes in sound and tone.  Jaimee hopes that does not deter you from getting the message.

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