Meta-Thriving Podcast

Episode 9: Compare and Despair

June 08, 2021 Jaimee Roncone Season 1 Episode 9
Meta-Thriving Podcast
Episode 9: Compare and Despair
Show Notes

It is easy to coach on Compare and Despair when helping clients to propel them into living their best lives, but when it trickles up with a chronic health condition or something like metastatic breast cancer, we too can fall into the trap of comparing our health journey to another.  Our minds and stories don't change overnight, even with MBC. 
In this episode I get vulnerable and admit, even with working my own stuff, this still comes to the surface.
My favorite part of the episode is when I say that in our comparisons, notice our differences and talk about it.  That is what life is all about, right?
Give it a listen and share with me.
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