Meta-Thriving Podcast

Episode 13: Catching up with Real Life

August 04, 2021 Jaimee Roncone Season 2 Episode 13
Meta-Thriving Podcast
Episode 13: Catching up with Real Life
Show Notes

In this episode I share something I wrote as I reflect with the listener on what it is like to live day to day on a metastatic breast journey.  Sometimes, scans, injections and changes of medications seem to take over weeks at a time.  I share the list of things that have been my life and treatment the last few weeks and how I got through.  I share how I am doing and I hope that you can be inspired with what is possible on this journey.
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I am also looking for guests on my podcast.  Do you know someone that has a story to share or has expertise on the subject of metastatic breast cancer.  Who inspires you.  Please share and have them contact me for recordings that will begin to take place in September.

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